TEDxSydney Member: jessica leonard
jessica leonard
Graphic Designer
Switched on Media
Graphic Design
Sydney Australia
About Me:
My name is Jessica. I was for the first ten years of my lifeutterly convinced I was going to be a ballerina. For the ten years that followed I was convinced I was going to be a rock star . Now I know I will never be just one thing. I graduated from Billy Blue College of Design with a degree in Applied Design in 2010. Since then I have been working as an in-house designer and art director for a number of digital companies including, Advanced Control & Acoustics and Switched on Media. In my free time I am a freelance designer as well as run and create a new online publication, Clew magazine. When I’m not sitting behind my desk I like to galavant and explore the outdoors (or indoors), camera in hand.