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International Anti-Poaching Foundation founder Damien Mander lit up the TEDxSydney 2013 stage with his message of the immediate need for increased conservation efforts if we want to save the world’s diverse animal species. We caught up with him more than 12 months on, to find out what he’s up to.

What was it like to address the audience at TEDxSydney 2013? 

The thought of doing this was a little daunting six months out from the TEDx talk, but by the time I arrived on stage I was in the zone and had a message to pass on. ... See More

It's been years in the making, and now, Remo Giuffré, serial entrepreneur and TEDxSydney's fearless leader has finally written his 'visual memoir', General Thinker. We spoke to him about the motivation behind his latest project.

Why a printed book, rather than an eBook or other digital product?

There's something about committing to print that forces you to really think things through, so that you might produce a document that will stand the test of time. And I've always believed that there’s nothing so friendly to random access browsing as a book that you can flick through. Oh ... and by the way, ... See More

You may have noticed human rights lawyer and TEDxSydney 2013 speaker Jennifer Robinson popping up on our TV screens a number of times over the last couple of weeks.

On Monday 11 August 2014, she was a panellist on the ABC’s Q&A, offering her perspectives on Theology, Terror and Metadata.

And on Tuesday 19 August, her role as one of the key members of the legal team for Wikileaks saw her interviewed on ABC News Breakfast to discuss her client, Julian Assange, following his announcement in London that he was planning to leave the Ecuadorian embassy where he sought ... See More

Starved for inspiration? Here are five TED talks designed to invigorate.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

The best-selling author separates the ideas of being a genius with having a genius, and freeing up one’s creativity in the process. 

Dave Eggers: Once upon a school

This is one of my all-time favourite TED talks, delivered by the inimitable Dave Eggers (pictured), author and founder of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern. 

Markus Zusak: the failurist

From TEDxSydney 2014, novelist Markus Zusak offers up his own lessons about success, earned from years of crushing failure. 

Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more ... See More

Are you free the first week in September? If so, there are 17 TEDx events taking place across the world. And several of them have spaces available for attendees. 

TEDx events are independently organized TED events – that’s what the (x) stands for. TEDxSydney is just one example of a movement that’s sharing Ideas Worth Spreading around the globe.

In that first week in September, 2014, alone, TEDx events are happening in Spain, Sweden, Jordan, Argentina, Romania, Italy, Uruguay, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Turkey, Slovakia and Indonesia. You could kick of your week ... See More

Melbourne-based comedian and disability advocate Stella Young brought her signature wit and clarity to the Concert Hall stage at TEDxSydney 2014, with her talk “I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much”

Stella’s Idea Worth Spreading was that disability is not extraordinary and shouldn’t be treated as such. She’s irritated by the appearance of physically-challenged children and adults being used to inspire able-bodied people: a phenomenon she describes as “inspiration porn”. 

It appears that the rest of the world agrees that hers is an idea worth spreading, with her talk attracting more than one million views since ... See More

The Internet is a weird and wonderful thing and this playlist takes a look at how it has redefined culture, impacted democracy and changed the very nature of human relationships.

Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral

There are over 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. And only a tiny percentage of that goes viral and becomes a cultural moment. How does it happen? YouTube's trends manager Kevin Allocca shares the four reasons things go viral online.

Seth Godin: On the tribes we lead

Seth Godin argues that thanks to the Internet the days of mass marketing as we know ... See More

We’re delighted to congratulate singer-songwriter Megan Washington, whose TEDxSydney 2014 talk was featured on the homepage of TED.com over the weekend of 9-10 August 2014.

Megan spoke movingly about living with the stutter she’s had since she was a child, how she lives “in mortal dread” of public speaking – and why singing means so much to her today.

Watch Megan’s talk on TED.com

Words: Pauline Lockie

Image: Jean-Jacques Halans

Design thinking and collaboration played an important part in TEDxSydney 2014. Together with our partners BCG Digital Ventures and Object: Australian Design Centre, we crafted a series of design workshops that brought together the audience, speakers and our partners Woolworths and Post-it®.

These sessions were an inspiring way to keep the ideas flowing during the breaks, and we have captured the essence of this unique collaboration in a co-authored paper with BCG Digital Ventures.

The paper highlights:

- Why we brought design thinking to TEDxSydney

- The concepts we co-designed with the TEDxSydney community

- The role ... See More

As a way of connecting with our audience of lifelong learners, Principal Partner The University of Sydney hosted The Studio at the Opera House during TEDxSydney 2014.

After each speaker bared all on stage The University of Sydney then spirited them away and asked them to share their greatest lessons. 

We are excited to launch the thought-provoking videos from this interactive space - first cab off the rank is Markus Zusak with more being added each day.

Hosted by ABC’s Fenella Kernebone, this is your chance to gain insight into the people behind the TEDxSydney 2014 talks as they reveal ... See More

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