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In 2013, Alice Gorman roused the TEDxSydney audience with her talk on her work and her passion, space archaeology. Here, she shares her thoughts on the experience, what is new in the world of space archaeology, and why we should keep an eye out for collisions on Mercury in March. 

What is it like to get up on stage at the Sydney Opera House and give a TEDxSydney talk?

It was a blast. Also one of the scariest things I’ve ever done - walking out in from of more than 2000 people and thinking “What if I forget what I’m going ... See More

TEDxSydney 2014 speaker, comedian and disability activist Stella Young died suddenly on Saturday, 6th December from a suspected aneurism. She was 32 years old. 

In her talk on the Sydney Opera House concert hall stage in April, 2014, Stella had the audience rolling with laughter as she systematically ridiculed the arrangement of a world that was unable to handle her disability. With her frank assessment of what needed to change, Stella double-dared those who watched her talk – whether it was the 2200 in the concert hall itself or the nearly 1.5 million who’ve watched it online – ... See More

It goes without saying that TEDxSydney talks are engaging, thought-provoking, and enlightening on many levels. Here we bring together the talks that went one step further, and completely blew our minds. Ranging from quantum physics to the trainability of bees, from teens wise beyond their years to a genius performer with a well-kept secret, we think these talks are worth sharing for their sheer unexpectedness.

Mandyam Srinivasan: Vision, Robotics & Bees

Who knew that bees could be trained? Who knew that anyone would try? Mandyam Srinivasan's TEDxSydney 2012 talk had the audience wide-eyed with delight at the very idea that these ... See More

Can cities that rely on cars ever really change? These TED speakers think so. In this playlist, we explore a range of real-life examples to show how innovative ideas can literally transform the way we move overnight – and make our cities smarter, cleaner, and more wonderful places to live.

A future beyond traffic gridlock: Bill Ford

As the great grandson of Henry Ford, Bill Ford has literally grown up with the Ford Motor Company – and he’s now its executive chair. So when he even he starts saying that our reliance on cars has to change, you know ... See More

In March 2014, the TEDxSydney team was delighted to meet Ilwad Elman, one of the chief organisers of TEDxMogadishu. For the last three years, the event has been a unique platform for Somalis to share, to learn and to be heard.    Inspired by Ilwad’s story, TEDxSydney proudly piloted an initiative this year to support one of the smallest, but most impactful platforms in the TED community. On April 26, we were privileged to hear from Ilwad via video about her plans to grow TEDxMogadishu and continue to drive change in their country through the ... See More

We are very happy to be able to welcome St George Bank to the TEDxSydney family of partners. The bank has joined as Principal Partner of TEDxSydney for 3 Years.

Martine Jager, General Manager of Marketing, Customer Experience and Mortgage Broking at St.George Bank, says:

“We are thrilled to come on board as principal partners for TEDxSydney and open more doors to supporting innovation and creativity for our customers and our community. At St.George, we always strive to help people start something and turn their dreams into reality - listening and learning about our customers is at the heart of ... See More

The University of Sydney Returns as Principal Partner for TEDxSydney 2015. Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of The University of Sydney says that the university is delighted to partner with TEDxSydney for the fourth year in a row. 

Says Dr Michael Spence:

“Leadership is a core value shared by the University of Sydney and TEDxSydney," Dr Spence says. "As the principal partner, we look forward to another year of creating and engaging in ideas that will have an impact on our society. This year’s focus on education is an opportunity to celebrate the powerful impact it can have on all ... See More

TEDxSydney will return to the Sydney Opera House on Thursday 21 May with more opportunities than ever for the community to take part, including a free live site on the Sydney Opera House forecourt and the launch of a TEDxSydney Donors program.

TEDxSydney Licensee Remo Giuffré said the 2015 event is set to reach an even wider audience with the shift to a weekday slot. 

“The momentum TEDxSydney has experienced over the past five years has been quite awesome. In 2015, we are looking to integrate more closely with the living conversations of our city, our community, workplaces and schools. We ... See More

Not many TED speakers kick off their talks by swallowing a full bottle of sleeping pills. But then, not many TED speakers are quite like James Randi, the legendary skeptic and magician who’ll be bringing his An Evening with James Randi tour to Australia in December.   The pills Randi took during the show were homeopathic, and the stunt was part of his 2007 TED talk, Homeopathy, quackery and fraud. When we caught up with him recently, we asked him why the irrational beliefs he railed against in the talk still hold such power today.   “People aren’t brave enough ... See More

International Anti-Poaching Foundation founder Damien Mander lit up the TEDxSydney 2013 stage with his message of the immediate need for increased conservation efforts if we want to save the world’s diverse animal species. We caught up with him more than 12 months on, to find out what he’s up to.

What was it like to address the audience at TEDxSydney 2013? 

The thought of doing this was a little daunting six months out from the TEDx talk, but by the time I arrived on stage I was in the zone and had a message to pass on. ... See More

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