Sydney Opera House
26 April 2014
10 Days to Go
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In 2013, TEDxSydney memorably crowd-farmed the food for the day from the people who registered to attend the event, gathering pledges of everything from calves to backyard chillies.

This year, spearheaded by TEDxSydney food curator, Jill Dupleix, the food experience is about coming together at the table, sharing food and ideas, breaking bread, and making all welcome.

The signature meal of the festival will be a long-table lunch of soup for the full complement of 2,300 people; a hearty broth cooked up by ARIA Catering chef Simon Sandall using ingredients sourced from local food projects that work to provide opportunities for ... See More

Australia is full of incredible talent, yet, according to the  Global Innovation Index  (GII) 2013, we fall towards the bottom of the Leaders’ group with an overall GII ranking of 19 (behind countries like NZ, Hong Kong, the UK and Finland, among others).

We all need to help retain the talent that we do have, but that can’t happen unless there is an environment that supports innovation and fosters a start-up culture.

This is where Woolworths' journey begins at TEDxSydney: with five facilitated design-led sessions that will unpack various questions on how to sustain and drive innovation within Australia.  

The ... See More

At TEDxSydney 2014 we’ll be treated to a series of Tasty Video Bits, one of which has been created by comedy duo Jeremy Brull and Paul Michael Ayre from Severe Comedy. The pair is flying high thanks to recent festival wins, but took time out to talk to us.    How did you two start collaborating?  Jeremy: 2009 was the crux of it. We’d both finished Uni – Paul: I was in the process of solving artificial intelligence and the nature of the brain Jeremy: And I just finished an Arts degree. Paul: We were at a crossroads in our lives. I wasn’t entirely happy ... See More

Barry Traill, 51, is most comfortable a long way from the Sydney Opera House, where he will deliver a talk to the TEDxSydney 2014 audience on Saturday, 26th April. Read on to hear why he’s a fan of Bob Brown, bandicoots and barramundi. 




Mostly conservation – sometimes what tree to plant exactly where in my garden for the best aesthetic.

What is your definition of adventure? 

Two weeks’ work off-track in Northern Oz.

Which living person do you most admire? 

Bob Brown. Up close he’s the same as from a distance – he is human and has foibles like us all, but is without ... See More

We're pretty sure it's a world-first - an app that lets TEDxSydney fans tag talks in real time so you save and share your favorite moments.

The companion app, created by digital development company Vivant, is designed to give you the ability to capture moments of inspiration from the TEDxSydney program and create a personalised record of the day.

Users can add notes and share these tagged moments via social media.

An additional feature for members of the TEDxSydney community allows them to access their profiles and connect with people at the live event. 

“TEDxSydney is all about spreading great ideas," says Remo Giuffré, TEDxSydney ... See More

As part of The Loop's TEDxSydney 2014 Satellite event on April 26, they will once again be giving some lucky punters the chance to stand in front of their audience to pitch their Idea Worth Spreading on the day.   The Loop invites you to share your concept in a 2 minute talk, explicitly outlining a wishlist of what you need to make your dream a reality.   Only the best concepts will be invited to pitch their idea at the event, as spots are limited.   The audience may then respond to your pitch by offering their expertise, contacts and/or resources.   Last year’s pitches included ... See More

Mozart meets the White Stripes, classical meets contemporary. If you’ve never experienced the thrilling charge of live dance, there’s no better place to start than The Australian Ballet’s Chroma.    Wayne McGregor’s Australian premiere of Chroma is chock-full of the British wild-child's signature energy and attack. With a heart-pumping, cinematic soundtrack (including a cheeky re-arrangement of the White Stripes), McGregor's dancers push the human body to extremes of flexibility and speed that will leave you breathless.   Jirí Kylián’s Petite Mort and Sechs Tänze are modern dance at its most inventive; erotic, witty and magical, these two pieces are ... See More

Tim Sharp, 25, is an internationally-acclaimed artist who was diagnosed with Autism at three. His mother, Judy, was told that she should “put him away and forget about him”. She ignored this advice. Here, they share their idea of perfect happiness and their real-life heroes.    Name Tim Sharp Judy Sharp   Age 25 54   Occupation Artist Mum   Which historical figure do you most identify with?  Andy Warhol.  Helen Keller and Ann Sullivan.    What is your definition of adventure?  Exploring. Letting go and having faith that it will all work out.    Which living person do you most admire?  Ringo Starr. All those Making a difference to the lives of others; particularly those who are without a voice.    What is your ... See More

Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim At a time when so much is going wrong with the US political system, this TED 2013 talk gives a compelling theory as to what the problem is. I like this because it reveals the nepotism and corruption in what is held up as the greatest democracy on earth, and does so to  an audience comprising of the elites of that very democracy. It's provocative, inspiring, and infuriating.  What more do you want from a talk?    Simon Jackman: The Democracy Data Revolution   Okay, I'm a politics nerd, no ... See More

At age 52, lighting architect Mark Major can see the virtue of returning in another life as his family’s ginger cat. When he’s not admiring the feline’s enviably relaxed lifestyle, Mark sheds some light on what he’ll be sharing with the TEDxSydney audience on 26th April.    Preoccupation Light (and Darkness).    Which historical figure do you most identify with?  Isaac Newton (if only).    What is your definition of adventure?  Life as it is.    Which living person do you most admire?  I greatly admire Thomas Heatherwick. He is not only a creative genius - but also a nice, understated and modest person. That’s a great combination.    What is your most ... See More

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