Sydney Opera House
21 May 2015
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Charlie Teo, 57, is an inspirational neurosurgeon, pushing the boundaries to the point where the medical fraternity shun him. He gives people hope, time and life.


Extreme anything

Where do you currently reside?

Sydney, Australia

What’s your definition of adventure?

Getting outside my comfort zone

The theme of TEDxSydney 2015 is ‘Learning’. When or where did you learn the most?

Still learning

What or who inspires you?

My patients

What is your definition of perfect happiness?

A sunny day, riding through the Royal National Park and no ... See More

Tony Fry, 70, is a writer, thinker, educator, designer and provocateur. He is the creator of The Studio at the Edge of the World, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, and a contributing editor of the e-journal Design Philosophy Papers. As a consultant, Tony has worked in many areas of design, sustainability and futures for the corporate sector, professional organizations and government.


Confronting unthinking and prompting redirective action in this our age of human induced unsustainability

Where do you currently reside?

Launceston, Tasmania

What’s your definition of adventure?

Living with the unknown and in so doing risking ... See More

Stephanie Trigg, 57, is Professor of Medieval English Literature at the University of Melbourne. She is also interested in the long afterlife of medieval literature and culture and has published studies on the reading history of Geoffrey Chaucer and the cultural history of the Order of the Garter.


The face

Where do you currently reside?


What’s your definition of adventure?

Hot air ballooning

The theme of TEDxSydney 2015 is ‘Learning’. When or where did you learn the most?


What or who inspires you?

My son, a jazz musician

What is your definition of perfect ... See More

The 2015 TEDxSydney menu is all about pushing boundaries, having fun, and celebrating the forgotten, ugly, and unexpected foods that dwell on the periphery of our cultural consciousness.  

According to Jess Miller, TEDxSydney’s Food Curator, this year is all about breaking the cultural, economic and social rules we have imposed on ourselves.  

“At TEDxSydney 2015 we’re welcoming the disenfranchised to the table – not people, but food. In doing so, we invite you to break out and put your normal food choices and food rules on hold for the day.”

Food rules can be subtle, strict, ... See More

The food at TEDxSydney has a global reputation – and it's well deserved. The thought and care that goes into curating the nosh that is served throughout the day rivals that of the speakers.

One key member of the food curatorial team is the inimitable Jess Miller  foodie, visionary, dynamo. Here, we ask her about what we can expect to be chowing down on at TEDxSydney 2015. Somehow, she manages to weave Nick Cave and Jesus into the conversation. 

The TEDxSydney Food program always has a few surprises. Without giving too much away, can you ... See More

Chris Darwin, 54, is a conservationist and Mountain Guide. He is a great great grandson of Charles Darwin.

Where do you currently reside?

Glenbrook, Blue Mountains

What’s your definition of adventure?

Nature, adrenalin and a little danger

The theme of TEDxSydney 2015 is ‘Learning’. When or where did you learn the most?

My degree in Geography and Psychology

What or who inspires you?

Charles Darwin and the natural world

What is your definition of perfect happiness?

Climbing or sailing with my family.

If you could name one thing you’d like to change about the world, ... See More

Afghan, Hazara, photojournalist, refugee. These are just some of the labels that Australia-based Barat Ali Batoor has been splashed with in his life. 

In his extraordinary talk at TEDxSydney 2015, Batoor detailed his gruelling and, at times, terrifying voyage to Australia by boat.

In a display of humbling courage, he elected to document his journey in powerful photographs that accompany his talk. 

Barat Ali Batoor's talk is featured on the homepage today. Let’s watch the number of views skyrocket. 

Words: Kirsty de Garis 

Image: Jennifer Polixenni Brankin

The 3M Post-It® Note Brand is proud to partner with TEDxSydney again – and this year they’re giving one lucky winner (and their new best friend) the chance to win 'The Golden Post-It® Note’, a 3-day Access All Areas Pass to TEDxSydney 2015. 

Day 1 – Wednesday 20th May, ‘The Golden Post-It® Note’ gives you access to:

Sydney Opera House behind-the-scenes tours

TEDxSydney Speaker Dress Rehearsals

TEDxSydney Launch Party

Day 2 – Thursday 21st May, ‘The Golden Post-It® Note’ gives you access to:

Attendance at the TEDxSydney sessions

1-on-1 interviews with selected speakers

Media Centre access

The TEDxSydney After Party

Day 3 – Friday 22nd May, ‘The Golden Post-It® ... See More

This year’s diverse collective of TEDxSydney performers are set to reinforce the power of ideas. 

The eclectic, carefully-curated line-up have been assembled to showcase the diversity, skill and multiculturalism of modern day Australia. Each act will either present something entirely new, a collaboration, or a considered take on their material especially for the TEDxSydney audience. 

Echoing this year’s curatorial theme of learning, the performances will complement the 2015 speaker, film and food programs. 

Stylistically spanning jazz, West African griot culture, songcraft, drumming, electronica  and dance, the audience can expect something new at each turn. 

“The 2015 program features an extraordinarily talented line-up of ... See More

A lifelong devotee of music, comic books, literature and film, Jordan Verzar runs the touring and management agency Top Shelf which presents unique artists and events locally and internationally. Jordan has been curating the Performer program for TEDxSydney for many years. Here he speaks to us about how he goes about his work. 

You've brought us the viral sensations of Tom Thum and Linsey Pollack on the TEDxSydney stage in previous years. Have you got another hidden gem planned for 2015? 

I think all the artists are gems, hidden or otherwise. I cannot pick any one artist above another. Each group ... See More

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