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21 May 2015
79 Days to Go
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Marita Cheng has been a fan of TED since she discovered their popular online talks in 2008, so she was delighted when TEDxSydney approached her to speak at their 2013 event. She Ioves the kind of crowd TED attracts - interested people who are interesting - and for her, the 2013 TEDxSydney crowd was no exception.

“Performing at the Sydney Opera House was exhilarating!” says Marita. “There’s nothing like being surrounded by 2,000 smiling faces from all different angles, wanting to be entertained and wanting you to do well.”

Named Young Australian of the Year in 2012 for founding, an ... See More

At TEDxSydney, we treat our event catering as an opportunity to turn food into a delicious idea, rather than just everyday sustenance. Food has been connected with some of our best and brightest community members, from champions of cutting-edge composting technology to those helping to create employment pathways for refugees within the hospitality industry. 

“The ideas behind the food aren’t meant to be heavy agendas, they’re not there to divide people, but to unite them,” says former food curator Jill Dupleix. “It’s part of the role of TEDx to present ideas without judgement, that help people ... See More

Health, inequality, technology, climate change and the future of democracy dominated discussions at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January.

In the wake of these discussions, we revisit these bold and brilliant TED and TEDx talks on some of the most pressing global issues facing us in 2015.

Al Gore: New Thinking on the Climate Crisis 

Al Gore never fails to inspire and educate TED audiences. In this 2008 talk, he makes the case that real political action and an active democracy are what we need to seriously tackle climate change. 

Tasso Azevedo: Hopeful Lessons ... See More

Ever wondered how TEDxSydney speakers are chosen and curated for an ideas-packed day? Wonder no longer - check out this behind-the-scenes interview with Edwina Throsby by last year's The Opera House Studio MC Fenella Kernebone. 

Image of Edwina with Tim Sharp by Fe Lumsdaine, Lumsdaine Photography

Omar Musa’s 2013 TEDxSydney performance was a portrait of life growing up in Queanbeyan, Canberra. A Malaysian-Australian performance poet, hip hop artist and author, Musa’s muscular writing combines the personal with the poetic.

Evocatively describing the beauty in Queanbeyan’s streets from ‘spray can fumes and opals of oil,’ to ‘sneakers that cluster-hung like grapes on power lines’' Musa painted a picture of the Australia he knew as a child – far from the glistening sails of the Sydney Opera House. 

His Australia was characterised by suburbs filled with ‘the whistle of go back where you come from.’ Through poetry, Musa shared ... See More

Whether you’re trying to find love, save your relationship or justify that extra-marital affair with Bob (or Barb) from Accounts, the TED community has come up with some pretty compelling thoughts on love, desire and lasting relationships.   Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat  Sociologist Helen Fisher investigates romantic love and argues that this emotion - not hunger or thirst or the sheer will to live - is the strongest human driver of all.  She questions why we fall in love with particular people and why we desire others.  Fisher ends by arguing that our widespread, long-term use ... See More

While our own TEDxSydney is just over 100 more sleeps away, the mothership, TED is happening quite a bit sooner - mid-March, in fact. And running alongside TED (now in Vancouver) is another event known as TEDActive, which is held in nearby Whistler. Some of the TEDxSydney crew are braving the cold to attend. 

The program has just been announced, and we're just a bit excited. Well, ok, it might seem a trifle odd to travel all that way to watch someone called Kevin Rudd (billed as an 'International Relations Expert') open the show, but attendees will also ... See More

Applications are now open to attend TEDxSydney as a member of the live audience in the Concert Hall of the iconic Sydney Opera House on Thursday, 21 May 2015.

Aspirants have until Friday 28 February to submit an application to be part of the 2,300-strong audience.

We are looking for diversity, people who are doing interesting things and who really want to be in the room on the day.

Live attendance costs $280 per person and delivers a full day of talks and performances, films, food and beverages, a goodie bag and an invitation to the after party.

Check out ... See More

In 2013, Alice Gorman roused the TEDxSydney audience with her talk on her work and her passion, space archaeology. Here, she shares her thoughts on the experience, what is new in the world of space archaeology, and why we should keep an eye out for collisions on Mercury in March. 

What is it like to get up on stage at the Sydney Opera House and give a TEDxSydney talk?

It was a blast. Also one of the scariest things I’ve ever done - walking out in from of more than 2000 people and thinking “What if I forget what I’m going ... See More

TEDxSydney 2014 speaker, comedian and disability activist Stella Young died suddenly on Saturday, 6th December from a suspected aneurism. She was 32 years old. 

In her talk on the Sydney Opera House concert hall stage in April, 2014, Stella had the audience rolling with laughter as she systematically ridiculed the arrangement of a world that was unable to handle her disability. With her frank assessment of what needed to change, Stella double-dared those who watched her talk – whether it was the 2200 in the concert hall itself or the nearly 1.5 million who’ve watched it online – ... See More

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