TEDxSydney Conversations | 3rd Sept 2020, 5 – 5.45 pm

In June this year, Jess Miller (TEDxSydney Board Member and Councillor at City of Sydney) joined TEDxHamra’s Salon to talk about her work at a grassroots community level, pushing for change in developing innovative community-led food initiatives.

In the aftermath of the devastating explosion in Beirut on 4 August 2020, we were keen to continue the conversation with Sara Sibai, TEDxHamra (Beirut) organiser and Co-Founder at L3b.

In this live conversations event, we will hear Sara’s perspective on the impact of the explosion in her community and the role that community-led initiatives play in galvanising communities to push for change.

The event starts at 5pm AEST. The stream will start 10 minutes beforehand. If you don’t see the stream or holding slide below, refresh this page closer to the start time.

We would love you to join us.

Register your interest today and invite your friends along too.