Alon Ilsar



Alon Ilsar creates visually compelling and futuristic music by grabbing, altering and morphing between sounds on his new 3D timbral Theremin, the AirSticks. This gestural electronic drumkit designed by Ilsar and computer programmer Mark Havryliv also allows the live sampling and manipulation of other live instruments, completely blurring the line between drumming, sound designing and dancing. As an improvising drummer Ilsar ‘brilliantly comments and reflects on the action,’ but as the world’s only AirSticks player he creates ‘freaky-future shit.’ Look out for the release of a new album featuring the AirSticks by Sydney live electronic music act the Sticks.



The Sticks ‘World Maps’

Live performance of The Sticks debut single out through Broken Stone Records. The Sticks is a futuristic live electronic act revolving around a new custom-built gestural electronic drumkit called...

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