Amanda Kaye



Amanda is a storyteller who writes a flash fiction blog called small stories and a food blog called Splayd and Crayon. She knows where the apostrophes go and she’s well up on her Joseph Campbell and Seth Godin. Her business Brandcamp helps brave small businesses tell better stories to connect to their customers. Amanda’s favourite TED talks are Brené Brown, Ken Robinson and Elizabeth Gilbert.



Five TED Talks on the Power of Purpose

In business, politics, social policy and in our personal lives, things rarely change until we hitch our wagons to aspirations and intentions - when we are driven...


Game On: These women are disrupting the gaming industry for good

For too long, women have been fair game in an industry that’s been anything but fair. What’s the state of play in the gaming world, and how do we...


TEDxSydney 2017 Speakers – Judy Atkinson

If Australians have a will to Reconciliation, why hasn’t it happened yet? Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson surveys the changes we’ve made and that are yet to come.

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