Aunty McRose Elu

Community Leader


Aunty McRose Elu is a Saibai Seisia Elder – a formidable leader and scholar. She is a Family support counsellor with Relationships Australia, has a PhD in Customary Law from the University of Hawaii a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Political Science from the University of Queensland and in 2021 was awarded the much deserved Senior Australian of the Year in QLD.

Since 1980, McRose has been drawing global attention to the impact of climate change on the Torres Strait, including speaking at the UN and to business and political leaders. As a member of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARCC), she advocates for renewable energy and sustainable methods of production.

Building on this long history of climate organising she is part of the Australian Climate Case, a landmark class action taking the federal government to court for failing to prevent climate change.

Aunty McRose is an Executive Producer and Writer on the new documentary Testimony which follows this climate case. She brings to this role her power as a visionary on story and keeper of deep cultural knowledge and guidance on protocols and Ailan Kustom.
McRose is committed to reconciliation and sharing the traditional practices of her people at local, state and federal levels. She was instrumental in negotiations to legally recognise the traditional customary adoption practices of Torres Strait Islander families – which led to the introduction of a landmark Bill to the Queensland Parliament.

McRose also provides essential translation for Torres Strait Islander communities to help them access services and lobbies for funding to support community capacity building.