Brittany Lee Waller

Content Manager


With over 10 years editorial experience both in Australia and internationally, Brittany has always been fascinated by the power of storytelling. She has worked as Editor for Nine Network Australia, Drinks World, Rare Birds, and written for Elite Daily, Urban List, SMHBroadsheet and Concrete Playground to name a few. Now she runs Meet The People – a storytelling hub focused on the food, drink and travel industries, committed to sharing the ‘human’ stories that make our hospitality experiences so memorable. Brittany also helps some of the world’s most innovative hospitality brands develop and sculpt their unique tone of voice and identities.

As Editorial Director for TEDx Sydney, Brittany is excited to lead a team of talented writers to explore and uncover content around this year’s theme, ‘Humankind’.

On a personal note, ‘Brit’, like most editors, can’t start the day without a good coffee, preferably by the beach. Some would describe her as fiercely opinionated, often philosophical, sometimes funny-ish, but more in the bad dad joke way. She has an undeniable love affair with French Rosé, but please don’t tell her Fiancee.



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