Chloé Hayden

Actress & Activist


Chloé Hayden is an award winning speaker, actor, author of a bestselling book, content creator with over a billion views, and a powerful disability rights activist and advocate. The heart of which these all intersect being her passion for creating change, celebrating diversity, and pushing towards a better future. Diagnosed as autistic and ADHD at the age of thirteen and feeling ostracised from society, Chloe started an anonymous blog to share her feelings and to find a community and ended up building something bigger than she ever dreamed.

Now, Chloe is a powerhouse in advocacy and a worldwide known name, with platforms of over half a million followers and over a billion views, with people around the world tuning into both her online content and her global tours to learn more about disabilities and to find a comfort and connection in what she creates. From working with high profile organisations and individuals around the world, to working with The Australian Paramedics, Australian education system, Screen Australia and the Australian Government, right to teachers, parents, therapists, teenagers, kids, and other disabled folk, Chloé is sparking change to everyone that hears her message, demanding a future where everyone has an equal chance to thrive, and where differences are no longer belittled, but celebrated.

Chloé stars as Quinni in Netflix’s Heartbreak High, which has soared to number 1 in Australia, and top 10 in more than 45 countries. She has created history by being Australia’s first ever mainstream autistic actress, and one of the first autistic characters actually played by an autistic person, she’s also features in Taryn Brumfitts documentary ‘Embrace: Kids’.

At 2022 Australian Fashion Week, Chloe closed Australia’s first ever adapttive runway with her viral runway moment showcasing a jacket stating the words, ‘Fix The System, Not Me’, with Vogue calling it ‘a highlight and unmissable’, and Marie Claire calling it ‘the most powerful moment of Fashion Week.’ Chloé is the owner and creator of her disability clothing and support line, manufacturing sensory-friendly clothing and creating communication cards that are being used by psychologists, educators, and individuals globally. She is an ambassador for disability and mental health organisations across the globe.

Chloé’s book ‘Different Not Less: A Neurodivergents Guide to Embracing Your True Self And
Finding Your Happily Ever After’, released in August this year, is an Australian and worldwide
best seller, announced as a ‘a marvel’ by Senator Jordan Steele-John, and ‘powerful, packed
with insights for building a future in which no one is left behind’ by Taryn Brumfitt- her sell out book tour continues to draw hundreds of people to each event.

Chloé’s podcast is ‘Boldy Me’ which is presented by Nova Podcasts.