Danika Houghton

Marketing Manager


As a marketing, communications and digital specialist Danika is passionate about finding ideas and insights that connect with people. That’s why working in the marketing team at TEDxSydney is a great way to her connect with a community of passionate people who are full of ideas worth spreading. With a career spanning 18+ years Danika has lead marketing and sales for established global brands and start-up business across a range of industries. She is also on the board of the Sydney Fringe Festival.



AI: Friend or Foe?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long been touted as the next revolution. From sci-fi to the real world, we have long seen the promise and pit falls of...


Putting a Value on Mental Wealth

2020 has been an unusual year for everyone. The pandemic has made us all casual experts in epidemiology, economic stimulus and baking sourdough bread.  With our...


A new age for performance

Changes to the way we live and experience the world are painfully evident in the arts and creative sector. Impacts of lockdowns and shutdowns have been devastating to an...

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