David Garrett

Company: https://carboncybernetics.com/


Associate Professor David J. Garrett is an internationally regarded research scientist invested in developing high performance electrodes for use inside the body. He is CEO of Carbon Cybernetics, holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship award and leads a research group at RMIT University. David has ten years of innovation in medical device technology, particularly in novel materials for neural interface applications.

Carbon Cybernetics was born at the University of Melbourne in Prof. David Garrett’s Carbon Biomaterials research group and Prof. Steven Prawer’s Advanced Carbon Materials research program. As a part of this large team, Dr. Nick Apollo and Dr. Matias Maturana collaborated to develop neural interfacing electrodes built from graphene, carbon nanotubes, and other carbon-based nano-materials. The high performance and soft, flexible nature of these electrodes made them ideal candidates for implementation into a robust, chronically-implanted electrode array built to last a lifetime.




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