Deep Sea Astronauts


Deep Sea Astronauts is a Sydney based collective of artists, performers, musicians, dancers, designers and illustrators. We create performances for theatres, festivals, events and radio, with a passion for roving, interactive and immersive experiences. Our shows are built to delight, excite and inspire. We often explore environmental, queer and social justice themes through subversion of archetypes and quirky humour.

Since forming in 2009 we’ve been seen at theatres, events and festivals all across NSW. We are a scalable collective, with members coming in on different projects according to their skills and styles. This means we have a wealth of talent to work with on everything from intimate recordings to large-scale immersive environments.



Beautiful + Ibis Noir | Deep Sea Astronauts featuring Sheba Williams

Sydney based artist collective, Deep Sea Astronauts and singer, Sheba Williams perform the song "Beautiful" in a tribute to a Sydney icon, the ibis - affectionately called "bin chickens"! Credits:...

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