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Fang Chen


Dr. Fang Chen is a thought leader in AI and Human-Machine Interaction. She is a prominent figure in creating innovative AI solutions with huge versatility and international impact. Allowing a machine combine a level of domain expertise and computational intelligence, these solutions have helped industries significantly in increasing productivity, safety and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Chen has also pioneered the theoretical framework of human behaviour understanding for building human-machine trust. With her work in AI solutions, she has also become an expert in the factors influencing technology uptake, most notably, human perception.

Finally, Dr. Chen has 250 publications and 30 patents in 8 countries. She holds professorship with the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. She has many industry recognitions, such as the Intelligent Transport Systems Australia National Award 2014 and 2015, “Water Professional of the Year” by Australian Water Association 2016, and the NSW iAwards 2017.



How can we design AI that we trust? | Fang Chen

According to artificial intelligence professional, Dr Fang Chen, "the continual use of technology hinges upon human trust. It’s one of the main roadblocks to overcome". In this fascinating talk,...

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