Gavin McCormack


Gavin McCormack is a trained Montessori teacher, children’s author, teacher trainer, philanthropist and school principal. While working in the teaching profession for over twenty years, he has used his experience and training to understand what it means to truly educate with true intention.

Initially trained as a mainstream primary school teacher, Gavin re-trained as a Montessori teacher where he found the understanding and experience that has inspired him to build several schools and teacher training centres in the Himalayan regions of Nepal.

Gavin has trained teachers, parents and educational leaders across the world. His passion for educational reform, with a strong emphasis on Montessori within the home, has driven him to attempt to put these thoughts into words. He believes that for a child to reach their full potential, the school and home environment must work in harmony.

“The only constant in education is change, and that change is you.”

Gavin McCormack will be speaking at this year’s virtual TEDx Sydney event on the 6th November 2020. To listen to his inspiring talk as he delivers it live, register here for tickets to this unmissable event!



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