Haylena Krishnamoorthy

Freelance Journalist and Producer

Haylena is a freelance journalist and producer from Kuala Lumpur with over ten years of experience covering news and current affairs. She currently resides in Sydney and works for SBS World News and Sky News.
Some of her previous work can be seen on Al Jazeera English & 101 East, BBC News, CNN, German Press Agency: dpa, French networks: France2 and M6, Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian and 60 Minutes Australia.
Haylena is also a Partner at HER Planet Earth where she often travels on expeditions in support of marginalised communities and environmental conservation. In 2019, she was part of an all-female team trekking 100km on foot in Northern Kenya with local Samburu warriors. She has also travelled with the Nenets reindeer herders in Siberia across the frozen Gulf of Ob during their yearly migration.
Her passion lies in the craft of storytelling and giving voice to the unheard through alternative narratives.



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