James MacDiarmid

Company: Magnifi


James MacDiarmid [B.A; B.Ed; M.Ed.]

Educator by trade, storyteller by heart, with a passion for science, communication, lifelong learning and the potential of a human, James has parlayed his expertise across fields into creating evidence based learning experiences that, not just include, but rely on the natural world (through the lenses of both biomimetics and complexity thinking) to deliver improvement in education, as well as positive psychological benefits.  

Founder of Magnifi, a platform connecting students with unique science experiences; owner and principal consultant at EcoCentric.Space; Co-Creator at PlayFutures, a LEGO Foundation community for changemakers; and, education adviser for CuriiousIQ, a virtual reality platform designed for education and training, James has been sharing his passion for learning, science and adventure from the age of 14, where he journeyed to the Khumbu region of the Himalayas in assisting with the construction of a school. His ambition for science communication and outreach has seen him travel to the SubAntarctic, Arctic and many places in-between, including the deserts of both Australia and mainland America.



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