Jazz Money


Jazz Money is a poet and artist of Wiradjuri heritage, a fresh-water woman currently based on sovereign Gadigal land. Her practice is centred around the written word while producing works that encompass installation, digital, film and print. Jazz’s writing has been widely performed and published nationally and internationally. Her David Unaipon Award-winning debut poetry collection ‘how to make a basket’ was published in 2021 by University of Queensland Press.

Working across different mediums, Jazz’s practice is centred around questions of narrative and story – place memory, First Nations memory, colonial memory and the stories that we tell to construct national and personal identity. 

Trained as a filmmaker, Jazz is currently working on a feature length cinematic journey through visual archives, commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive.

Recent exhibitions highlights include the Fremantle Biennale (2021); Hyphenated Biennale (2021); Unfinished Camp HEK Basel, The Shed New York, ACMI (2021); Eucalyptasdom, Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts and Science (2021); No Show, Carriageworks (2021); Textbook For Desire, Cement Fondu (2021); and Here:After, Fairfield City Museum & Gallery (2021).