Kristy Vella

Marketing & Content Manager


Kristy is a social media strategist with over 8 years experience in marketing and design. Her social media business, chop social, aims to provide a straightforward and strategic approach to businesses wanting to elevate their social media presence in an effective and positive way. 

Holding a self-proclaimed title as a “Queen of the Tiramisu”, a deep love for socialising and finding a celebration in anything, Kristy loves a weekend filled with loved ones, laughs and a good drop of red. Volunteering for TEDxSydney since 2018, Kristy became the newly appointed Marketing and Content Manager for TEDxSydney in 2022.



Food and the Power of Connection

There is something positive to be said about sharing food with people. It’s a universal feeling that food can break down barriers, facilitate conversations, incite debates and prompt people...

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