Leisha Parkinson

Leisha is someone who will never deny herself the opportunity to hear a great story, or create one for that matter.
Having studied Psychology at university, she is naturally curious about people, ideas and culture and how they culminate together in this big, wide world. She has worked as the overseeing editor for youth publisher, 5Why and now spends her time bumping into people around town, as Feature Writer for Meet The People, an online publisher dedicated to sharing the wonderful adventures of people in the hospitality industry. Her special talents are making a fool of herself while dancing in public and indulging in bottles of wine most likely outside her weekly budget… which is inevitably how all her stories start.



We explore how ‘Everything is Connected’ at the TEDxSydney Salon

After nearly falling down a flight of stairs (twice), I made it safely to my first TEDxSydney Salon, relieved to be alive, and curious...

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