Matt Jackson


Matt is a communication specialist with experience across a broad range of industry sectors including software, education, media, Industrial IOT, finance, government, FMCG and NFP. This breadth of experience is driven by curiosity and the belief that all things are connected. Through his company, affectors, Matt is currently developing AI software that processes voice and visual data in order to model the optimal communication styles used in meetings. He wants to find evidence for the meeting styles that lead to more informed, ethical decisions in shorter time frames.

Over his career Matt has owned and operated two businesses for 14 years as well as worked as a communication consultant training high performance teams in medium sized business and large scale global corporates. This gives him a rare compassion for both operational and human insight as well as strategic foresight. Matt’s interest in interpersonal communication is in raising individuals’ self awareness today in order to strengthen connectedness with stakeholders and raise the quality of collective decision making at the board level. Outside of the business world Matt’s immense appreciation for what it means to be articulate has manifest into travelling the world to perform poetry on stage and have his poetry published in several books.