Matt Lazenbury

Matt is a marketing strategist, writer, and cold-weather adventurer (perhaps owing to him being born in a snowstorm). He graduated from Lancaster University Management School in 2011 and has been in the world of marketing, advertising, and media for the ten years since—from London to Paris to Sydney. Throughout, he has worked with Davids & Goliaths alike to craft effective strategy at the nexus of brand, content and comms.
Matt’s experience outside of marketing is just as varied, having been trained in military leadership for three years by the British Army, trekked across subarctic Canada to live with First Nations communities, and called four different countries home in the last decade. To read his book reviews and musings on strategy and life, visit his website at



How nature can heal a distracted world

It was 2015. London was killing me. The city had shucked me open like a human oyster and slurped down my soul with a glass of my blood, sweat,...


Problem vs. challenge and the cost of getting things wrong

Whether something’s a problem or a challenge is simply a matter of perspective, right? Well, not exactly. Let’s say there’s $100 on the other side of a large wall. A...

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