Michelle Ahern

Head of Marketing


Michelle is a writer and communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience in communications, marketing, and content creation. Her communications business Agent Blonde seeks to support community-focused, social enterprises and NFP organisations create positive and lasting change.

Lover of poetry, philosophy and getting to the guts of any conversation, Michelle is a straight talker who can never keep a straight face. In 2020 she published her first collection of poetry Counting You to Pieces and in 2021 + 2022 took to the hot seat of Head of Marketing for TEDxSydney.



Making An Impact Against Climate Change

Did you know the average daily carbon footprint of every Australian is a whopping 55kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)? If each of us took responsibility for...


Modern slavery is happening right here in Australia

The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is fast approaching, on 30 July 2022. While it’s hard to believe, Australia has not escaped this age-old atrocity and...


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Ever wondered what a TEDx Talk would look like. I don't mean re-watching a video of the talk, I mean an actual picture of the talk?! TEDxSydney has been...

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