Mikaela Jade

Company: Indigital


Mikaela Jade, a Cabrogal woman from Sydney, is the Founder and CEO of technology company Indigital, which works to develop innovative ways to digitally translate knowledge and culture from remote and ancient communities. Mikaela’s revolutionary app, Indigital Storytelling, uses augmented and mixed reality through hololens to tell the ancient stories of Indigenous people; the user points their mobile phone at symbols, objects or sacred sites and an animation opens up to magically tell its story. Mikaela plans to introduce Indigtial storytelling at key tourism sites around Australia this year, and ‘in her spare time’ as she says, works with Microsoft, Questacon, the United Nations and the Tribal Link Foundation as an Indigenous representative. Mikaela is the winner of the prestigious Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award for 2018.