Mitch Wilson



Mitch grew up with prescribed intentions of studying law at Cambridge and a career in academia. However, life had other plans, which led to him dropping out of school and hitting the road. Since then Mitch has travelled the world looking for stories. His journey so far has led him to becoming a karate instructor, an Apple genius, a tour manager, a Hunter S. Thompson poet impersonator, a writer for Disney, and a bartender. He is currently transcribing a children’s book for cats and searching the world for an empath illustrator who can draw the things in his head.



Speaker Amrita Hepi on What Makes A TEDx Talk Tick

Dancer, writer and activist Amrita Hepi gave her first TEDx talk at Sydney Opera House at the 2016 TEDxYouth@Sydney event.  In the talk, titled To be a Good...


The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs – Interview with Jo Burston

“What is an entrepreneur?” This was the question Jo Burston put to young girls attending her former primary and secondary schools two years ago. The answer was unanimous: ‘an...

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