Museum of Futures


Museum of Futures is a paradox, playfully produced by futurist Claire Marshall, futures designer Mel Rumble and friends. Museum of Futures is an award-winning arts-based futures project that has been exhibited around Australia and internationally.

Often, we see a museum as a window to the past, a building where tangible artefacts are collected (or stolen) to represent the intangible stories of life to you, the public. However, Museum of Futures aims to break those assumptions. It asks historical narratives or future imaginaries? Artefact or artwork? Visitor, co-creator or curator? Present, past, future or everywhen?

The curators of Museum of Futures not only stage large-scale exhibitions, community events and organisation-focused workshops, but also future histories such as this one.



Future Histories – TEDxSydney Salon

Hi TEDxSydney subscribers. My name is Claire Marshall and I am a futurist who focuses on how stories shape our futures. One way I do this work...

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