Nat’s what I Reckon


Content creator, comedian, rock musician, isolation cooking champion and mental health advocate Nat has been making videos as Nat’s What I Reckon for almost a decade, with his hilarious social commentary earning him a social media following of well over 2 million.

With his love for taking the playful piss, Nat’s channel has provided him with a platform to hold a mirror to the bizarrity of masculine culture and societal politics. Nat has been open about his battle with anxiety and depression – using his platform to destigmatise the experience by encouraging conversation. 

Nat’s “Death To Jar Sauce“ cooking videos – inspired by his observation during Covid lockdowns that packaged foods had been cleaned off the shelves while the fresh produce sections were full – sent Nat to a new level of viral, and most importantly succeeded in getting people back into cooking fresh produce, with a message of positivity and encouragement.




Don’t dress for success | Nat’s What I Reckon

In this honest talk, comedian, content creator and isolation cooking champion Nat's What I Reckon shares his story and examines the perception of what success really means. As he...

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