Nivaaz Sehmbh



Nivaaz, a first-generation Australian Punjabi, is a true embodiment of a startup unicorn. With a wealth of experience in design, marketing, data, and engineering, she has left her mark across multiple industries, from trading and education to web3.

From a young age, Nivaaz set her sights high, aiming to become a quantum engineer—a goal she diligently pursued until she completed her thesis in quantum engineering. Always choosing a path less travelled, she dropped out of university to embark on a self-taught journey in software engineering, quickly establishing herself as a versatile asset in the startup realm.
Nivaaz’s passion seamlessly transitioned into a career, where her hobbies translated into roles in design, engineering, and marketing for startups from day 0 to scaleups in Sydney, including Canva, Eucalyptus, and Immutable.

Never one to rest, Nivaaz is deeply committed to inclusivity and diversity in engineering. She has invested years in mentoring and inspiring others, initiating forward-thinking conversations in workplaces, and cultivating an inclusive culture in and out of the workplace. Her latest venture, Beyond Besties, aims to create a space for women to connect, learn, and grow across industries, working to close gender gaps.

As the founder of Sukara Tech and Beyond Besties, Nivaaz is channelling her innovative thinking into creating digital tools that promote conscious consumerism among brands, creators, and consumers.

In her downtime, you’ll find Nivaaz enjoying a game of netball, discovering new cafes in Sydney, or unwinding to the tunes of Flume. With an electrical engineer’s heart, a tech unicorn’s professional acumen, and an unwavering commitment to championing women in tech, Nivaaz is truly a force of inspiration.