Paola A. Magni


Paola A. Magni is a forensic biologist with a key focus on the application of natural sciences (entomology, taphonomy and aquatic biology) to crime scene investigation. She has 10 years of experience as a researcher and lecturer/instructor in forensic science. Furthermore, she is a practitioner recognised by the Italian Courts and the international Scientific Community.

She has been invited as an expert forensic witness in Court for investigations on homicides, forensic veterinary cases, food forensic and stored products security both for the public prosecutor and defence in the Italian Courts. The total number of forensic cases she has been involved in as an expert is between 60 and 70.

Her research and case work have been presented at major forensic international meetings. She is the author of numerous papers in international scientific journals and chapters in forensic books. She is the senior editor of a forensic entomology book (2008) and of the first book dedicated to crime scene investigations in aquatic environments that will be published by Springer in 2017.
She is the developer of “SmartInsects – Forensic Entomology” (2013), the smartphone App designed to facilitate the work of law enforcement agencies and pathologists at crime scenes.