Sally A. Bain



Sally uses words, sometimes combining graphics, to create edgy, inspiring and empowering content. Fashion, Gender, Art…all things cultural.

After enjoying twenty years in fashion marketing and production for leading Australian brands – from Myer to Rip Curl to Roger David – her focus shifted to communications. A lover of Australian ideas, she was thrilled to join the TEDxSydney team in 2016.



Can brands offer a sense of belonging?

What happened to the town square? We outgrew it. The pre-digital structure required us to get up, make ourselves presentable, and go there. Over time we became more efficient,...


We discover how storytelling carries legacy

Watching the live coverage of the Greenpeace activists hanging upside down from Oregon’s St. Johns Bridge back in 2015, seeing...


Thought Starter: How You can Join the Fight to End Media Violence against Women

Jane Gilmore completed her TEDxSydney talk on media violence against women, with a call to citizenship: “Because if journalists won’t...

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