Sandersan Onie


Dr. Sandersan (Sandy) Onie is a researcher at the Black Dog Institute in Australia and Founder of Emotional Health for All in Indonesia – one of the first research based mental health and suicide prevention foundations in the country. He combines his experience of depression with suicidal thoughts and extensive research expertise to lead global projects in mental health and suicide prevention. For example, leading Indonesia’s first suicide prevention strategy with the Ministry of Health and WHO, leading an event for mental health reform at G20 Summit 2022, and employing new innovations such as machine learning algorithms to reach out and help people in distress – especially for those who don’t know how or where to seek help.  

Furthermore, he is a major advocate for science equality in the Global South, having influenced national science policy, and worked with UN bodies for scientific reform in Southeast Asia.  

His work has been widely recognized, having published in globally leading scientific journals, studied as part of the Harvard Clinical Psychology program, and featured in outlets such as Forbes Magazine, ABC Australia, and Nature News.  

In addition to his research, he is a globally sought-after public speaker on topics such as wellbeing, family, and identity. 



The link between big data and suicide prevention | Sandersan Onie

Trigger Warning: The following content may contain suicide or self-harm topics. Learning from personal experiences, and the lived experience of other survivors, Dr Sandersan Onie shares his work that uses...

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