Sarah Frankel



Based in Sydney, Sarah Frankel is a freelance writer who specialises in profiling world leaders and analysing leadership dynamics.  She previously spent 10 years as an intelligence analyst for the US Government where she focused on the UN and conflict resolution issues.



How Ideas Spread: How Influential Are “Influentials”?

In the last piece in our ‘How Ideas Spread’ series, we examined the overall debate over whether ideas spread like viruses. Now we’d like to dig deeper into...


How Ideas Spread: Debating the Virus Analogy

As we discussed in the last article in our 'How Ideas Spread' series, our social networks play a critical role in the spread of ideas. Yet it doesn’t stop there,...


How Ideas Spread: The Role of Social Networks

As we delve into our first investigation of how ideas spread (see the series intro here), we discover there’s one thing that most researchers seem to agree on...

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