Sean Hall


Sean Hall is an awarded marketer, innovator and strategist with twenty years of diverse leadership experience ranging from Global Marketing Manager for Les Mills International, the creator of the world’s most popular workouts, through to leading brand strategy, marketing and employee experience at $12b Top 20 Global Telco brand Telstra.

As Founder and Chief Energiser of Energx, Sean works with Australian organisations who share the belief that the most valuable, sustainable and high growth potential asset they have is the collective energy and creativity of their people.

Endorsed by The University of Sydney Business School, Energx assesses and builds the skill of ‘energy intelligence’ or ExIQ TM at an individual and collective level. ExIQ TM is a practical approach to wellbeing that builds a holistic awareness of what affects our energy levels and provides tools and strategies to prevent and overcome the indicators of burnout.

Sean has spoken at events about the role of energy intelligence in addressing matters of social equity, is a mentor to youth-driven anti-bullying movement Project ROCKIT and Youth Off The Streets scholarship students and Head of Wellbeing for disability technology startup accelerator program Remarkable.




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