Sharanjit Paddam


Sharanjit is a Principal at strategic analytics firm Finity. He is an actuary with nearly 30 years’ experience in actuarial consulting in the UK and Australia, and prior to working at Finity he was Group Head of Environmental, Social and Governance risk at QBE Insurance. 

As an actuary, Sharanjit uses his risk management, financial modelling and communication skills to help banks, insurers and investors to understand what climate change means for them and how to prepare for the uncertain future. He loves collaborating with scientists, engineers, accountants, risk managers and other actuaries to solve problems, including setting up the Climate Measurement Standards Initiative to help financial services companies develop approaches to climate risk assessment.

In 2020, he was awarded Risk Manager of the Year by the Climate Alliance, and received the Actuaries Institute’s Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his service on the Institute’s Climate Change Working Group.



To banks & insurers climate change is an opportunity not just a risk | Sharanjit Paddam

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