Sharon Timms


Self-confessed word-nerd, raconteur and collector of red lipsticks, Sharon Timms loves little more than the power of a good story (and finding the proof reader’s unicorn, the elusive double space).

From copywriting, media communications and content creation in the wildly popular travel, food, drinks & lifestyle sector through to technical writing across science and health, there’s not much this pen for hire and storyteller at heart won’t do for the sake of telling a good tale to anyone who’ll listen (and converting those who don’t). Under Inkslinger Communications, Sharon has a reputation for finding the words you need and delivering them to the audience you want.



Make Your Fast Idea Come to Life

Eureka moments are rare. They often come at the most unlikely times – 3am in a dream state haze, slowly taking shape over breakfast coffee. All day long, the...


The show must go on – how Australian live performers are adapting without a stage

When historians look back at the global cultural landscape in the years after COVID-19, it’s almost certain they’ll find a strange mix of obstacles and successes.


How memory is closely linked to finding purpose

Memory is essential to all our lives. Without a memory of the past, it is impossible to operate in the present or think about the future. Without...

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