Siona Singletary


Siona is a Mancunian freelance strategy enthusiast and digital native with eight years of experience spanning across advertising, creative and social media. She provides thought leadership, strategy and human insights across the digital and influencer space, working with travel, government, tech, FMCG and QSR brands. 



Unlearning Gender Equality

Unlearn un/ləːn verb: To make an effort to forget your usual way of doing something so that you can learn a...


What happens to your legacy every time you take a selfie?

Every day, across Australia, 2 millions selfies are taken. This pursuit is nothing new. When we feel at our best, we want other people to see it. Ever since...


Is social media destroying humankind?

With 1.95 billion daily active users on Facebook and Instagram combined, it’s not outrageous to say that we’ve reached peak social media. As the pendulum begins to...

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