Susie Stokes

Community Manager


Susie is Irish, living in Sydney since 2013. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, she is a creative communicator passionate about crafting shareable, valuable content to inspire. With a flair for writing & storytelling, she loves to lose herself in a good story(Narrative Transportation Theory). Thrilled to be part of the TEDxSydney team having enjoyed TEDxSydney 2014 & 2015 as an audience member, now is her chance to give back. Ideas worth spreading is her mantra & being able to give stories the platform & perspective they need to be shared. She holds a BSc in Marketing & Dip in Graphic Design. Susie is a dog lover & amateur photographer with a serious chocolate addiction.



How curious businesses stay ahead of the curve

In our fast-paced modern world, with the next ‘new’ start-up continually challenging the norm, innovation is key to keeping pace, and standing still, means you get left...


What’s Mine Is Yours – On Collaborative Consumption

In her 2010 TEDxSydney talk, Rachel Botsman introduced many us of the idea of Collaborative Consumption - a facet of what has become known as The Sharing Economy. Susie Stokes revisits Rachel's talk in light of...

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