Susie Stokes

Community Manager


Susie is Irish, living in Sydney since 2013. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, she is a creative communicator passionate about crafting shareable, valuable content to inspire. With a flair for writing & storytelling, she loves to lose herself in a good story(Narrative Transportation Theory). Thrilled to be part of the TEDxSydney team having enjoyed TEDxSydney 2014 & 2015 as an audience member, now is her chance to give back. Ideas worth spreading is her mantra & being able to give stories the platform & perspective they need to be shared. She holds a BSc in Marketing & Dip in Graphic Design. Susie is a dog lover & amateur photographer with a serious chocolate addiction.



Productivity in isolation: Don’t waste a crisis

As our nation starts to peer over the horizon of what may have been the peak of coronavirus in Australia (but I dare not speak too soon)...


How to have a real conversation…

Are you really listening or just waiting to talk? Waiting for a pause in conversation just so you can speak is not a conversation. A conversation is...


Keeping it real in an increasingly digital world

We all love to show off how well we’re doing, whether it’s with an endless feed of oh so perfect pictures on Instagram or Facebook. But is...

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