Tarsha Finney

Architectural Urbanist & Designer


Tarsha Finney is an architectural urbanist, designer, curator and a senior lecturer in the School of Architecture at the University of Technology. Her research interests cross several areas: domesticity and the problem of multi-residential housing with specific knowledge of the cities of New York, London, Beijing and Sydney; architectural typology and notions of disciplinary change and transformation; and the architectural urbanism of creativity and innovation in cities. In 2003, whilst completing graduate work at the Architectural Association, London, Tarsha won the Michael Ventris Memorial Award. This enabled her to conduct primary research in China looking at the Danwei Live work unit implemented following the 1949 revolution. Tarsha's doctoral thesis is titled Repetition and Transformation: The Housing Project and the constitution of the Urban Field. New York 1935-1971. She contributes regularly to Architecture Australia, Monument, ABC Radio and the Sydney Morning Herald.



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