Tony Fry

Design Theorist and Philosopher


Tony Fry BA (Hons) Design, MA, PhD Cultural Studies, is a designer, design theorist, cultural theorist, educator and author. He is the creator of The Studio at the Edge of the World, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, and a contributing editor of the e-journal Design Philosophy Papers. As a consultant, Tony has worked in many areas of design, sustainability and futures for the corporate sector, professional organizations and government. Currently he is working on project in Cairo and with Ibagué University (Colombia) Tony is the author of twelve books, has edited three, has essays in twenty-four collections and has over 200 published articles and conference papers. His book City Future in the Age of a Changing Climate was published in Europe and the USA in October 2014. Currently he is working on a commissioned book on Remaking Cities, based on the concept of 'Metrofitting'. His books on Design and the Question of History, jointly authored with Clive Dilnot and Susan Steward, and Steel: A Design, Cultural and Ecological History, jointly authored with Anne-Marie Willis were published in early 2015.