Tracey Rogers


Tracey Rogers is an ecologist who studies how animals overcome the challenges of changing environments. Her research examines how whale populations have recouped from 20th century hunting and how they now deal with warming oceans; how pack ice seals cope with the loss of ice and krill in the Antarctic; how Tasmanian devils cope with extreme population loss because of a facial tumour; and whether new techniques can help humans live in harmony with wildlife. Among her many achievements, she was awarded the NSW Tall Poppy Award in 2005 by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science and was an Ambassador for the programme from 2008 – 2010. She is a Professor at the Centre for Marine Science and Innovation, School of BEES, at UNSW Sydney Australia and is an advocate for advancing women in science and encouraging youth engagement and interest in science.



Using anti-nuclear technology to find new blue whale pods | Tracey Rogers

Listening devices exist all over the world, on land and in the deep ocean, installed by the UN to deter nations from testing nuclear weapons. Ecologist Tracey Rogers and...

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