Uncanny Valley


(Charlton Hill and Justin Shave)

Uncanny Valley place a musical lens on technology. Founded in 2010, by music producer/computer scientist Justin Shave and songwriter/entrepreneur Charlton Hill, Uncanny Valley’s focus is one part musical craft, and the other sonic technology. They believe in the pursuit of augmented creativity and strive to define the ethical and sustainable role of emerging tech in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. Uncanny Valley’s flagship technology is MEMU, an AI Powered Music engine. A collaborative tool for a new generation of music makers, MEMU’s prolific production engine generates musical ideas for use in DJ mixes, songwriting, streaming, gaming and more. Contributions to MEMU are fully trackable, making it possible to harness emotional data and new revenue streams for artists. It’s about sparking creative ideas to enhance music creation.


Charlton Hill has over 20 years’ experience in the music and media industries in an array of roles ranging from major recording artist, studio manager, music and post-production audio supervisor, copyright consultant and actor. In 2010, Hill partnered with international music producer/composer Justin Shave to co-found Uncanny Valley – a high end, music branding company that has quickly risen to prominence in both Australia and Asia. With a foot firmly planted in both art and commerce, Charlton is now Head of Music and Innovation at Uncanny Valley. Turning their focus to tech, Uncanny Valley are harnessing the power of AI to provide innovative solutions for the music industry and artists. 


Justin Shave is one of Australia’s preeminent music producers and musical directors who works simultaneously across the TV, record and advertising industries. With a string of platinum record hits to his name, Shave has helped artists and brands around the world find their sound. He has most recently produced tracks for Sia, Darren Hayes (Savage Garden) and the Potbelleez. Shave has a degree in music, computing science | pure mathematics from the University of Sydney. Shave has performed around the world from Wembley to Moscow, consulted for music tech companies Native Instruments [Berlin], Fairlight Instruments [Australia] and developed his own software synthesizers. His life goal is to use AI to download and map his musical brain. While that’s downloading, he’s been busy creating an AI powered music engine, MEMU.




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