TEDxSydney 2023

1 September 2023

Hordern Pavillon & The Entertainment Quarter


A time at which a decisive change occurs, especially one with beneficial results.
A moment of change.
An era of evolution.

Pressure is building. With each consecutive crisis building on the last — fire, flood, pandemic, invasion and inflation — the world as we know it is beginning to buckle. We are living in a time of rapid, critical and complex change, but in times of great pressure, there is an opportunity to achieve greatness. As the momentum of change carries us forward to a point of no return, what will send us tipping over into the creation of a new world? And how can we reimagine our cities, evolve how we work, do politics, protect our health, and re-construct our economic systems to be fit for the purpose of a new era?




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Talks from TEDxSydney 2023


A state is not a parent: Why the child welfare system fails | Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts

In this powerful TEDx talk, Vanessa shares her personal journey as a survivor of the Family policing system also known as the...


Seeing isn’t always believing — trust me, I’m a magician | Andrew Nunn

In a world filled with illusions and misinformation, understanding the power of our beliefs is crucial, as seeing is not always believing. Mentalist...


The secret to breathing on the moon | Dr Sarah Cannard

The next generation of space exploration is looking to the Moon not only with awe and wonder, but as a site of key resources that we'll...


An Underground Forest: a solution to restoring degraded land at our feet | Tony Rinaudo

NOTE FROM TED: Farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) for climate change remains an ongoing field of study. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines...


Why you’re already in a relationship with AI | Lee Yearsley

The evolution of AI is having a huge impact on our communities, cultures, and health. While many recognise the need for immediate action to curb some...


How AI can advance human stories, not overrun them | Joseph Couch

Rapid transformation is challenging the ways in which we tell stories. The increasing uptake of AI, notably Large Language Models, has shown that machines can create...


New money: trust, value and the evolution of collective consciousness | Barry Palte

Barry Palte highlights the historical and current complexities of money and its connection to power. He discusses his personal beginnings growing up in Zimbabwe during turbulent...


We cannot mine our way out of the climate crisis | Elsa Dominish

The move to green technologies are a big part of slowing down global boiling. Although, as Elsa identifies, new problems emerge when we try to solve...


Design can change the way you see the world | Dana Tomić Hughes

Dana Tomić Hughes, refugee-turned-global design visionary and founder of Yellowtrace, will challenge, enlighten and transform your understanding of design's omnipresent and profound influence. Through her vast...


The magic of ‘Precision Music’ for people living with dementia | Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt and the St Lukes 'Memory Lane Choir' showcase the incredible power of music for people living with dementia. Sighting published research and ancient human...


Why I tell people to ‘f*** off’ at funerals | Bill Edgar

Bill Edger has made a name for himself as the man who crashes funerals to reveal secrets, truths and confessions from the deceased. Dubbed the Coffin...


The 6 words you need to change your life | Maria Thattil

Since being crowned Miss Universe Australia, author and media personality, Maria Thattil has navigated the complicated intersections of her race, sexuality and culture in the public...


How AI can learn from animal behavior | Seyedali Mirjalili

Nature has developed resilient systems of intelligence throughout the millions of species that have evolved throughout time - so how can we design AI Intelligence to...


Complicated Legacies, Climate Change and Simple Truths | Arielle Gamble

Arielle Gamble has a complicated personal relationship with the idea of legacy. In this compelling and powerful talk, she asks us to consider how we can...


A possible solution to Australia’s Housing Crisis: Islamic Finance | Talal Yassine

The Australian housing market has become a nightmare for many due to skyrocketing prices and availability, locking out a huge majority of the population from being...


Transforming cities by integrating technology with culture | Ross Harding

What's the secret for transforming our cities into self-sufficient places that have a positive impact on the environment? For Ross Harding, the answer lies with embracing...


Next-Generation Psychedelics, Without the Hallucinations? | Josh Ismin

NOTE FROM TED: Experiments discussed in this talk should not be performed outside of accredited research settings. Research around psychedelics remains an emerging field of study....


How we can sexualise disabled bodies safely — and why it matters | Emma Myers

As the co-creator & writer of the hit TV-show 'Latecomers' Emma Myers challenges the stereotypes of disabled bodies when it comes to representation on screen and...


Thank You Body: The Art and Power of Performance | Emma Maye Gibson AKA Betty Grumble

Emma Maye Gibson is a performance artist. She is also known as a Betty Grumble. In this powerful talk she introduces us to her performance manifesto...


A Performance: Man On The Run | Keiynan

Keiynan’s music delves into the complexities of male-to-male love, revealing the vulnerabilities, pressures, and challenges many modern men face. With heartfelt lyrics...


‘Experimental’ Is Not A Genre | Feras Shaheen

Interdisciplinary artist Feras Shaheen invites us into his process of experimentation, showcasing the importance of failure, risk and collaboration. In this TEDx (walk...


Together — A Performance | Jess Hitchcock

A special performance by Jess Hitchcock to bring us together. #Yes23 Jess Hitchcock is a Melbourne-based Indigenous singer-songwriter who has stirred the Australian...