TEDxSydney in the Square

3 August 2022

Sydney Square - Outside Sydney Town Hall

Welcome to our celebration of ideas worth spreading – TEDxSydney in the Square. We are thrilled to announce a two day showcase of ideas worth spreading in the lead up to our Main Event next week, proudly funded by the NSW Government.

Come on down to Sydney Square (adjacent to Sydney Town Hall) on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 August to enjoy a morning ritual, listen to a battle of ideas or watch an inspiring performance. This public showcase is a first for us as we take to the streets of Sydney with ideas and courageous conversations.

Tough conversations, insightful debates and the coming together of Sydney’s vibrant community in the lead up to TEDxSydney 2022 Main Event – Friday 5 August, Sydney Town Hall.



8am – 9am Morning Ritual:

Whether you scroll the headlines, or kick it old school and peruse the pages – it pays to know what is really happening in the world. Grab a coffee and maybe even a tasty treat as Co-Founders of The Daily Aus @ZaraSeidler and @SamKoslowski read, explore and discuss the day’s news.


12:30pm – 2pm Battle of the Ideas

Behind every clickbait headline, is a nuanced, researched and considered argument, right? Join CADA radio weekday stars @flex.mami and @frooomes, as they take on CADA radio weekends’ @martysmiley and @natdemena as each guest captains a Sydney Uni debate team. They’ll determine once and for all, is Sydney dead? Expect a sassy, educational and absolutely hilarious battle of the ideas, where you choose a side and help decide the victor.


4pm – 6pm Performance:

Destructive Steps Dance brings together the creme de la creme of Sydney’s Street Dancer to battle it out over three rounds. Join MC Shazam and DJ Arisse for a creative, physical, and styled battle of the likes you have never seen before.


6pm – 7:30pm Film Screening 

What Does Good Look Like for Sydney? Join Regen Sydney with Damon Gameau for a special screening of the short film, ‘What is Regeneration?’ Following the screening, we’ll explore exciting possibilities of a regenerative local economy in Sydney – and meet some inspiring people doing extraordinary things along the way.



8am – 9am Morning Ritual:

Start your morning right, and win your internal battle by joining our friends from the Paramount Recreation Club for a short but potent morning ritual. Beginning at 8am, there will be 15-20 minute breath and stretch sessions at regular intervals. No need to book, no need for equipment – just show up!


12:30pm-2pm Battle of Ideas 

You probably haven’t heard poetry quite like this. Since 2013, Bankstown Poetry Slam has provided a platform for people with something to say, (and an eloquent way of doing it) to connect with audiences through spoken word. You’ll hear from six slam poets as they debate three hot topics asking what the future looks like for our city. You will decide the ultimate winner in this poetry debate slam spectacular.


6pm-8pm Performance 

K-Pop v J-Pop v Hip-hop hosted by Andy Trieu

Join host of SBS Pop Asia, Andy Trieu as we celebrate, explore and embrace the wonderful world of J-Pop (Japanese pop music) and K-Pop (Korean pop music) and hip-hop. Andy has put together an amazing showcase of local artists including A-MUSE Project, FASH, 1300 & Kevin Kim which will perform live. This is not to be missed!



8am – 9am Morning Ritual:

Providing breathing tools and techniques to help waken the mind, body and nervous system to prepare you for the day ahead. These techniques are evidence-based and will help to reduce stress also improve clarity and focus. The way we breathe is directly correlated to the way we behave, start your day on the front foot.


12pm-1:30pm Battle of the Ideas 

Come ready for your assumptions to be challenged with 107 Projects and artist Jason Wing, as he and his friends confront some uncomfortable questions as part of a live “You Can’t Ask That”.


4:30pm-6pm Performance 

Bursting with happiness the Toy Choir brings the sweet perfection of young voices with the joyous sounds of sugar pop harmonies and infectious ukulele strumming to the TEDxSydney Square for your Friday afternoon. Come join these wonderful young people for a uniquely Toy Choir performance.








The symbol of the butterfly is apt as we re-emerge back into the community after an unprecedented few years.

As we come out from our cocoon, what action will you take to leave a positive imprint?

What is your butterfly moment?

Share Your Thoughts Here On the ‘Butterfly Wall’ 

The symbol of a butterfly was created by Sydney artist Jeff McCann onto an O fountain at TEDxSydney 2019 for the legacy we want to leave and the need for change, transformation and renewal.

The O fountain is a contemporary water refilling structure that inspires tap water usage and reconnects local communities through art. 

The butterfly serves as a reminder for people to create positive, sustainable habits and for the imprint we want to leave on the world.