TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016

25 May 2016

Sydney Opera House
1 Bennelong Point
Sydney NSW 2000

Returns on Wednesday 6 September 2017 to Sydney Town Hall

TEDxYouth@Sydney returned to Sydney Opera House on May 25th 2016. Made by young people, for young people, but with the eyes and ears of the world in mind, TEDxYouth@Sydney is a platform for ideas worth spreading designed for young change makers, thinkers, innovators, activists, entrepreneurs, and go-getters between the ages of 16 and 26.

TEDxYouth@Sydney provides a dynamic platform for young people to meet and make a positive impact and difference in our community. It takes place simultaneously with the main TEDxSydney event, with crossovers to speakers and activities throughout the day.

For TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016, we aimed to reach and engage more young people than ever before. To this end, TEDxYouth@Sydney moved to a bigger venue – the beautiful Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Sydney Opera House.

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WATCH TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016

2016 TEDxYouth@Sydney TalksVideos of all the TEDxSydney 2016 talks are now available below.

Livestream ArchiveThe livestream was a special live broadcast of the main TEDxSydney event, hosted by Fenella Kernebone and featuring talks from the main stage interspersed with exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, archive talks and catchup presentations of selected talks from TEDxYouth@Sydney.

Photo Archive: View of our 2016 photo archive on Flickr.

Photo: Stanislava Pinchuk (MISO), TEDxSydney 2016 by Saidie Daher


Talks from TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016


Why Do We Like Sad Music? | Sandra Garrido

As human beings, our primary aim in life is to...


The Race Against Frog Extinction | Jodi Rowley

Jodi Rowley is involved in a global race, where there...


Picturing the Air Around Us | Emily Parsons-Lord

Emily Parsons-Lord asks us to picture the air in our...


Is Your Phone Bad for Your Mental Health? | Bridianne O’Dea

For your own sake, don’t log off. In the last...


This Is Your Brain On Sugar | Amy Reichelt

As a neuroscientist, Amy is fascinated with how our brains...


How do You Put a Dollar Value on What You Love? | Stanislava Pinchuk (MISO)

Stanislava Pinchuk, known under the creative handle of MISO, struggles...


To be a Good Dancer, Don’t Give a F**k | Amrita Hepi

Amrita encourages people to be confident and comfortable in their...


A Completely Unqualified Guided Meditation | Nick Coyle

Three weeks ago a glowing druid on a skateboard appeared...

Contributors from TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016

Michael Hing


Michael Hing

Michael Hing is a stand up comedian, radio host, and aspiring Division 1 FIFA 16...

Bridie O'Dea

Bridianne O’Dea is a mental health researcher at the Black Dog Institute, UNSW. She is...

Stanislava Pinchuk (Miso)

Stanislava Pinchuk, MISO, is an artist working to topographically map conflict zones around the world....


Jodi Rowley

Confronted with the highest deforestation rate on the planet, and huge over-harvesting pressure, the relatively...


Matthew Ng

Matthew Boon Meng Ng is a 22-year-old unionist and progressive campaigner. He is a founding...



Sandra Garrido

Dr. Sandra Garrido is a pianist, a violinist and a researcher. With a background in...


Amrita Hepi

Amrita Hepi is a professional dancer/ dance maker, writer and activist; a Bundjulung and Ngapuhi...

Emily Parsons-Lord is an emerging cross-disciplinary artist whose practice is informed by research and critical...


Nick Coyle

Nick is a writer, artist and theatre maker. His solo works include: Queen of...

Amy Reichelt


Amy Reichelt

Amy is an Australian Research Council Research Fellow and lecturer at RMIT University. Her research...