FAQ’s Pitch Night

TEDxSydney Pitch Night Frequently Asked Questions


I have applied for previous TEDxSydney Pitch nights, can I apply again?  

Yes – of course, but consider refining your original idea, or submit something else entirely.


I am under 18 years of age, can I submit an entry for the Pitch Night?

Yes you can. Please do!


How will the Pitch Night work?

There will be two sessions and presenters will deliver their short pitch in under 3 minutes with a countdown timer. It’s a super fun night and there will be plenty of time to grab a drink and something to eat.


I submitted my pitch but I haven’t heard from you?

You will know if you were shortlisted by COB 20th September.


How do you choose a winner/s?

Members of TEDxSydney’s curatorial team will be there on the night and will be watching all the presenters closely. While you may not “win”, it is a great thing for us to see you speak and hear your idea. It might be something we want to pursue later.

We held two pitch nights in the lead up to our flagship event in 2018, and four of those presenters were selected to present at TEDxSydney 2018, so you never know – this could be you.

Additionally, the audience will be selecting their top speakers who will be invited to present their pitch again at the next TEDxSydney Salon … but remember, due to strict licencing rules, at this stage, this will not be an official TEDx talk. Please see the declaration!


If I am selected to present, does this mean I have done a TEDx talk?

No …. this is an ideas search only. While there will be cameras on the night capturing the room, we are not uploading these talks and they are pitches only. See declaration!


How many words is 3 minutes?

On average, a 3-minute talk is about 300 – 450 words but the only way to know it to write it down and time yourself or use an online tool like this one. http://www.speechinminutes.com/


Should I script my pitch?

Write it down, read it out loud and practise it before you record your video pitch.


What should my video pitch look like?

Make sure you have a quiet space, reading from a script is fine at this stage. 


Do I need to rehearse for my video pitch?
If you rehearse you will be confident and if you script your idea beforehand rather than talking off the cuff, your idea will be more clearly articulated.


Is this a chance to plug my business, pitch my next workshop as a motivational speaker, sell my book, my new product, my app, find investors?
No and no and no. This is an idea seach. There is a difference between pitching your business idea to attract funding and investors and sharing an idea. So no sales pitches.
You may have a great product … but what’s the idea behind it? Can you tell us something about that idea without mentioning your business?
Watch this video of TED’s Chris Anderson explaining the secret to a talk – the idea: https://www.ted.com/talks/chris_anderson_teds_secret_to_great_public_speaking


Can you give me feedback on why my application wasn’t successful?

Unfortunately, we do not have the time to provide individual feedback.


Will we be filmed?
Yes you will be filmed and there will be photographers on the night. Remember this is not an official TEDx talk though.