Cadence | 2022 Film Program

In a seemingly picturesque piece of 1940s suburbia, a man receives a grim portent of his future from a television comedian, and faces the wrath of his long-suffering wife.

Writer/Producer/Director/Editor | Richard P. Doyle

Jake | Christopher Moriarty
Millie | Sallie J Don
Johnny | Jasper Garner Gore
Jack | Sebastian Adams
Announcer | Richard P. Doyle

Consulting Editors | Ramon Samson & Gavin Davis
Script Supervisor | Josip Knezevic
Hair & Make Up | Carolina Rojas
Sound Recordist | Dante Florez
Production Assistants| Veeral Jetani, Ashkan Hashemi, Iuilia Koldorkina, William Cattell, Jae Gooden, Josh Townsend, Isabella Ekstein, Clara Endrawes, Rebecca Moret, Ryan Grant, Kate Whitton

Special Thanks | Nicole Holyer & Gareth Adams

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