Donna | 2017 Film Program

TEDxSydney 2017 · 16 June 2017

Since the apology in 2008, the number of Indigenous children in out-of-home care has risen from 9,000 to over 16,000. This is one mother’s story.

A Pursekey Productions Production.


The team behind Donna is made up of award-winning Directors Larissa Behrendt and Marieka Walsh who collaborated on a series of animations for the feature documentary After the Apology. Producers Kiki Dillion and Michaela Perske have both won numerous awards and they have produced both fiction and non-fiction films that have screened nationally and internationally.


Directed by Larissa Behrendt and Marieka Walsh
Produced by Kiki Dillon and Michaela Perske
Featuring: Donna Damon, Miah Wright, Malayeh Satour, Wendell Mumbulla, Lucy Gaffy, Leigh Richards, Michael Bridges, Yahya Kilic, Lily Wang, Donalda Brown
Animation Director: Marieka Walsh
Production Design: Marieka Walsh, Jonathan Delbridge, Elizabeth Marie Smith
Storyboard/ Animatic: Marieka Walsh
Animation Supervisor: Jonathan Delbridge
Animation: Jonathan Delbridge, Elizabeth Marie Smith, Nima Sotoodeh, Marieka Walsh, Yasmin Moini, Victoria Dinh, Ayon Bhakta, Julie Ly, Jake Duczynski, Tayla Colley, Elli Byrne
Video Reference: Marden Dean, Amber Todd
Editors: Matthew Walker, Miska Mandic

Music by Caitlin Yeo
Music recorded, produced, mixed at Church st Studios
Viola: Virginia Comerford
Flute, synths ​et al: Caitlin Yeo

Sound Design: Emma Bortignon ​​
Sound Editor: Simon Walbrook ​​
​​Foley Artist Feet’n’Frames: John Simpson
Foley Recordist Feet’n’Frames: Lisa Simpson ​​
Typeface: Blanco
Opening Titles: Dave Foster

Digital Intermediate: KOJO
Online: KOJO
Colourist: ​​​Marty Pepper
Flame Artist: ​​​Marty Pepper
Post Production Producer: ​Elene Pepper
Post Production: KOJO and Twodogs.Tv

TEDxSydney Film Curator: Sinéad McDevitt

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