Moving Together | 2021 Film Program

The Sawires family is incredible. They’re 1st Generation Australians of Egyptian heritage that are contributing an incredible amount to the artistic culture of Australia. They’re a creative family through and through. In a visual collage of Super 8 home recordings, audio and modern day cinema cameras we hear about the sacrifices their grandparents made, the pressure to succeed and the ‘otherness’ of looking like you come from somewhere you only have visited a handful of times.

Filmmaker: Andrew Morgan

Film Credits: Directed by Andrew Morgan
Produced by Andrew Morgan / Helana Sawires / Mariam Sawires
Cinematography by Pat Jaeger & Helana Sawires (Super 8)
Edited by Andrew Morgan
Voiceover by Mariam Sawires
Featuring Helana Sawires, Lydia Sawires, Mariam Sawires, Tarek Sawires, Youssef Sawires.
Music by Lydia Sawires, Mariam Sawires, Tarek Sawires and Youssef Sawires.
This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.
Moving Together is a moving collage, a tribute and celebration of a very Australian family. A first generation migrant family from Egypt – The Sawires.

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