Partner Video

Post-it® with Michael Biercuk and Cathy Wilcox | TEDxSydney 2016

TEDxSydney 2016 · 25 May 2016

TEDxSydney is all about ideas worth spreading, and we’re always curious about the different ways in which ideas are formed. Throughout 2016 we’ve been asking the question ‘how can we help ideas to flourish through collaboration?’

It’s a question that our partner at Post-it(R) Notes is helping us to answer. We know that there’s no better way to build brilliant ideas together than a brainstorm, and in this video, shot at TEDxSydney, Post-it(R) Notes works with some of our 2016 speakers to explore different techniques that we can use to harness the power of collaboration.

In this video, speakers Michael Biercuk and Cathy Wilcox delve into the Logic Tree Technique, a process which allows us to map out our problem and then try to solve it by identifying all the different solutions and outcomes.