Rebel Food | TEDxSydney 2015

TEDxSydney 2015 · 21 May 2015

TEDxSydney 2015 invites you to be a rebel and change your perceptions of food waste.

Use the whole crop and yep, that means the beautiful, the bruised and the plain old ugly. The big guys have gotten wind of the change in consumer’s mood. The largest supermarket in France, Intermarche, started an Inglorious fruits and vegetable campaign. Locally, Harris Farm Markets have a small display of ‘Imperfect Picks’ and even the fresh food people have put The Odd Bunch on display. In 2015 TEDxSydney practiced eating Rebel Food.

Big thanks to:
Pepe Saya, Sky Blackburn, Michael Klausen, Sarah Jewell, Simon Sandall, Diego Bonetto, Grant Hilliard, Tori Haschka, Andrew Cutcliffe, Emily Oak Jess Miller & Sophie Blyth

Producer: Scarlet Barnett,
Camera: Dan Oates & Tim Anastassi,
PA: Lucas Salvatori,
Editors: Yasmin Bright, Peter Cramer & Dan Oates

Executive Producer: Peter Cramer

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