Wild at Heart | 2017 Film Program

TEDxSydney 2017 · 16 June 2017

An intimate glimpse into the life of an Australian wildlife filmmaker, living in one of the world’s busiest cities – and the unexpected wild family that keeps her there.


Claire is a documentary filmmaker from Australia, specialising in natural history films. She has spent four years in Singapore, making wildlife documentaries including the acclaimed Wild City Singapore series with Sir David Attenborough and Otter Town for National Geographic Wild. As a former zoologist and environmental communicator, Claire is passionate about conservation and in particular Singapore and Asia\u2019s wildlife. She is happiest when out with her camera in the jungles and mud, searching down critters and bringing their stories to life on screen. She believes through film we can bring about awareness and positively influence change, to better conserve the wild around us.


Director: Claire Clements
Camera: Claire Clements
Editor: Claire Clements
Drone Pilot: James Morton
Additional Camera: Adele Bennett, Leroy Lim
Composer: Paul Searles
Grader: Nico Tiong
Sound Mix: Jerry Teo
Title Graphics: Nicole Gandhi
Post Facilities: Beach House Pictures
Camera Equipment provided by: Jeffrey Teo
Special Thanks: Otterwatch Singapore

TEDxSydney Film Curator: Sinéad McDevitt

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