A Powerful Production Partner

Innovative Production Services is proud to have been the technical production partner of TEDxSydney for nearly a decade now. Over this time, as partners both Innovative and TEDxSydney have grown and evolved alongside each other, pushing each other to deliver what is a truly a world class event with the TEDxSydney Main Event.

Each year, TEDxSydney strives to achieve a world-class event for its community. This would not be feasible without the technological innovations and ideas from the team at Innovative, helping deliver technological hopes and aspirations such as Dr Jordan Nguyen’s 2016 on-stage VR experience and Tom Thum’s very memorable 2017 beatboxing throat camera.

As new technology has emerged across the years, it has been with the support and expertise of Innovative presenting complex concepts in a way that allows the creative minds to do what they do best. Perhaps one of the best examples of this was the use of the interactive studio production that was required to be delivered during TEDxSydney’s 2020 Main Event, when the pandemic didn’t allow for a live audience. Innovative Production Services’ Hub allowed for a crowd of home-viewers to be present in the space, narrowing the gap in a time of forced separation.

2022 will be no different. With a new location, comes new challenges, and Innovative have come to the party with one of their greatest creations yet. This year we are unveiling our hybrid broadcast truck: A state-of-the-art mobile event control station which will revolutionise the way our technology delivers this year’s event.

Located outside St Andrew’s Cathedral, Innovative’s hybrid event truck will control cameras, screen content, audio, and the online broadcast. Having all of this technology in one location means that all linkages and compatibility has been thoroughly tested and transported with the utmost care, limiting the possibility for errors or damage to equipment. It also means that the Innovative technical crew are comfortable, well-rehearsed and able to tackle the show with confidence.

Add to this the extensive technical family that have been working together to bring TEDxSydney to life for over a decade, this year is shaping up to be one of the most technologically challenging events we’ve staged to date.

Innovative Production Services and TEDxSydney continue driving the art and science of showcraft to deliver in-person and online audiences the highest level of production, showcasing ideas worth spreading. Innovative and TEDxSydney look forward to many more years in partnership together, and look forward to seeing you all at this year’s event.